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Our Score: 89%
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CloudHosted are a more recent entrant into the web hosting industry but don't let that fool you they pack a big punch — offering a host of features, top security and lots of cutting edge technology built in. Cloud Hosted really offers a simple and clean product that exceeds the expectations of any packing a ton of value for your money.

* Free Domain Name

* Free Email Address

* Free Marketing Tools

* Unmetered storage

* Fully Managed & Easily Scalable

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CloudHosted offer a full host of features to ensure your web hosting experience is not just optimal but exceptional. Their core features are on par with the rest - unmetered cloud storage and bandwidth plus unlimited domains and MySQL databases so you can get the most out of your webhosting service. Their cloud features is where they shine with integrated caching, quick installs, SEO tools all while being fully managed and scalable to fit all needs.


CloudHosted is one of the most secure web hosting solutions out there because your data is automatically mirrored across three distinct devices. Their 99.9% uptime guarantee with automatic failover means your resources are stored on multiple servers allowing for lost resources to be picked up by various available servers, thus minimizing the % of likely downtime. Freebies such as rigorous QA and automatically integrated Google Analytics make CloudHosted sure favorite for those trying to get the most out of their money

Final Thoughts

CloudHosted screams value for money with their abundance of free features and top flight security. They got an 89% because they give you all the great goodies the rest do, but they also offer more through their simple scalability and great reliability.

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