SiteBuilder Review

Our Score: 82%
Customer Rating:

SiteBuilder is a premier website builder that offers a free customizable domain for life along with free email and 10,000 free templates. They offer a 100% free package that provides everything you need to get on the web which is why many customers love it as a web hosting choice.

* Free Domain Name

* 10,000 Free Templates

* Drag & Drop Editor

* Free Email Address (Unlimited)

* SEO Tools

* eCommerce & Blog capability

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SiteBuilder offers masses of free templates (10,000) so you're sure to find one that matches your needs or they even offer to build you a custom site. A free domain for life, free email, and an extremely user friendly designed editor helps SiteBuilder provide an exceptional user experience from start to finish. Their SEO tools and guides are easy to follow and helpful along with their eCommerce and Blog features which offer convenience for those looking to scale up their web offering.


Site builder offer 24/7 support which is supported by professional agents who know the product well. Sitebuilder's web compatibility is very reliable and is just one of the many places where you see the cutting edge well designed technology prove itself. Their web stats program is dependable in accurately tracking site activity so you can make important website changes based upon data.

Final Thoughts

SiteBuilder got a 90% as it is a sure customer favorite with its free offerings and simple and easy to use editors and guides. The user's ability to choose from so many fresh and clean templates further highlights SiteBuilder's ability to put the customer first.

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